Housing estate – Tuffley

Longitudinal cracks in existing main pipe lines.

Replace several sections of 1050mm concrete pipe, causing no disruption to other utility infrastructure and minimal disruption to residents.

Careful excavation to avoid damaging other infrastructure, cut out damaged drainage pipes and replace using Flexseal Extra Wide Couplings to make a permanent seal.

A housing estate in Tuffley had been occupied for 15 years but the roads were unadopted. During a camera survey conducted on the drain pipes as part of the adoption process, longitudinal cracks were identified in a number of 1050mm concrete pipes stretching approximately 20 metres.

RBT Construction were contracted to make the repairs. The contractor suggested the damaged sections should be removed and replaced with new.

Knowing that other infrastructure was present, such as, water, gas, electric and various media’s, RBT Construction excavated the pipes with extreme care as to not disturb other utility services.

Upon excavation, each damaged pipe was removed and new sections lifted into place. To ensure a permanent and reliable seal at the end of the line, Flexseal Extra Wide Couplings were used to connect the old pipes to the new sections of pipe.

The extra wide feature of these couplings ensured the pipes were protected from misalignment risks after backfilling.

Successful repair of the drainage line was completed in just 2 weeks thanks to the swift action from RBT Construction and the quick manufacturing turnaround time for the Extra Wide Couplings from Flexseal. This resulted in minimal delays to the adoption process.

Added: February 2019 | CSR024