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Connecting 4” outlet to 6” drainage pipe in confined space.

Provide a cost-effective connection that is easy to connect in a confined gully space and removes the risk of connecting to the external surface of twinwall.

Flexseal’s Icon Internal Pushfit Couplings were use to connect pipes using their internal surfaces.

DAMA specialise in industrial flooring: concrete and resin coating.

The contractors were making connections from the 100mm channel drain and floor gully drains into the 150mm twinwall, as well as installing 8 rodding eyes post construction. The contractor regularly makes these connections but always struggles with the installation process because of the confined space of the gully pit. Also making the connection with a traditional coupling can be tricky as the clamp band needs to be tightened exactly central to one of the ribs of the twinwall pipe to secure a watertight seal.

After discussing the issue with Flexseal, the Icon Pushfit (IC100-150P) was specified. The product uses the internal surface of both pipes to make a connection and the simple pushfit nature of the product removed all of the installation problems.

The base concrete slab is a structural slab suspended on piles. There was no opportunity to simply dig it out to make the fitting easier. The rodding eyes therefore require a cored annulus to be formed with only sufficient space to allow the icon coupling to be dropped in and resin sealed to prevent any compromise to the slabs structural integrity.

The contractor used the Icon Pushfits for all 69 gully units and completed the installation in a fraction of the time and with a risk free seal.

As this was a vertical application, the rigid ABS plastic body of the coupling also provided support for the gully unit before and during the concrete pour.

Added: September 2018 | CSR018