Aldi Extension, Cramlington

100mm PVC drain pipe penetrating concrete floor was cut off at the surface leaving no stub to connect on to.

Provide a solution for connecting a section of pipe above ground so that the contractor doesn’t need to excavate the surrounding concrete.

Flexseal’s Icon Internal Couplings were used to connect pipes using their internal surfaces.

On a new Aldi extension, the drain pipes that would take waste water underground to the main system had been cut off at the surface, leaving no pipe stub to connect a traditional coupling.

The usual process for this scenario would be for the contractor to excavate a section of the concrete away from around the pipe to enable them to fit a Drain Coupling, they would then reinstate the concrete to make good.

With 24 drain pipes cut off at the surface, this would be an extremely time consuming job which would ultimately cause delays to the project.

The contractor asked Flexseal for help via a local builders merchant, to which the Icon Internal Pushfit Coupling was specified and delivered on a next day service.

A local Flexseal Area Sales Manager visited the site when the delivery had been made to meet the contractors and discuss the product as they’d never seen a solution like it before.

After a brief discussion about the scenario and the specified solution, the contractors began to install the product. As the coupling is a simple pushfit connection each pipe was connected in no longer than 10 seconds.

This innovative solution enabled works to continue without delay and ultimately removes the risk factor of this scenario for future projects.

Added: October 2018 | CSR020