Industrial storage unit.
High traffic, heavy machinery movement and customer facing area.

Clay pipe concreted into floor but broken away at surface level, needed to connect plastic downpipe.

Provide a quick and cost-effective solution for connecting a plastic downpipe into an existing clay pipe that has been concreted into the floor but has broken off at surface level. The job must not cause disruption to existing work and the solution must not be unsightly.

Flexseal’s Icon Pushfit was supplied to connect the clay and plastic pipes using the internal surfaces. The pushfit nature of the product meant that it could be installed in no time, providing a watertight seal that was reliable and professional looking.

An industrial storage unit in Norfolk kept experiencing leakages from its downpipes. The leakage was creating large amount of surface water build up in high traffic working areas, causing health and safety issues and risked damaging stock in its warehouse during heavy downpours.

Investigations revealed that the clay drainage pipe (that was concreted into the floor) had broken away at floor level, leaving no external surface area to connect a traditional coupling. The plastic downpipe was therefore resting on top of the concrete floor and leaking out.

Because of the situation of the downpipes, the client needed a solution that wouldn’t disrupt the yard work, was a permanent and reliable solution, looks like a clean and professional job and was low cost.

The contractor appointed had seen the Flexseal Icon Pushfits before and decided to give them a try. The product simply pushed into the broken clay pipe with the plastic downpipe sliding over the top of the opposite end of the coupling. The contractor was on-site for less than 20 minutes.

The solution provided a discrete connection that was secure and extremely easy to fit.

Added: November 2017 | CSR007