Shropshire Farm

Provide a seal for a leaking high pressure connection.

Provide a retro-fit seal solution for a leaking high pressure connection to a water silo.

Flexseal supplied Pow-R Wrap, a fibreglass pipe repair product to seal the problem connection.

A farmer from Shropshire had a leaking inlet/outlet on his water silo, used to wash out cattle sheds.

The problem connection, needed a retro-fit solution which could be wrapped around the pipe to stop the leak.

Flexseal stock a range of fiberglass repair products, Pow-R Wrap. The product comprises of an epoxy putty and resin impregnated fiberglass sheet which sets extremely strong, up to 40 bar of pressure.

Pow-R Wrap was suggested by Flexseal to make a permanent retro-fit repair.

The contractor was able to fit the product without the need for any tools, just using the components provided in the Pow-R Wrap pack.

The wrap cured in 30 minutes, after which the seal was tested and subsequently passed and the contractor was able to sand the material and paint over it.

Added: August 2018 | CSR016