M6 Junction 2-4

Existing main pipelines needed connecting into new manholes/catchpits, however they were surrounded by concrete providing no external pipe surface for a traditional coupling.

Provide a quick and cost-effective solution for connecting existing pipes without the need to break away the surrounding concrete from the existing clay pipe.

Flexseal’s Icon Internal Couplings were used to connect pipes using their internal surfaces.

Hillstreet Construction were awarded a drainage job for a major Smart Motorway project – M6 between junctions 2-4. The project included critical restructuring of the existing surface water drainage network.

Upon excavation the contractors discovered a number of issues. Lots of the existing drainage network had been encased in concrete before backfilling and pipes that were not encased in concrete provided various difficult connection scenarios. Because of this, considerable delays could have occurred, on the premise that the contractors were required to carefully excavate the concrete before working on the drainage line or adapt existing pipes; a process that would take hours of hard manual labour.

By working closely with Hillstreet Construction UK Ltd and their chosen builders merchant, Flexseal were able to introduce the Icon Coupling to the contractor, a coupling that secures to the internal surface of pipes opposed to the outside which was encased in concrete. The teams developed a supply plan that would ensure the project would run as smooth as possible with regards to the connection of drainage pipes. This included an adjustment to Flexseal’s stock holding of all products that were critical to the project to ensure next day deliveries were risk free.

Between junctions 2 and 4 on both verges, Flexseal’s Icon Coupling’s saved Hillstreet Construction approximately 758 hours of labour, that would have been used to break away the concrete encasing from around pipes.

Added: February 2019 | CSR022