Calderwood Housing Development, East Calder – Miller Homes

48 lateral connections required and a quick installation process needed.

Provide a quick method for connecting 48 DN150 ribbed lateral pipes into DN400 Twinwall whilst maintaining a reliable seal permanently.

Flexseal PA Saddles (PA1540) were supplied direct to site from stock. Along with fitting tools and installation guides.

This 120 unit housing site forms part of the wider Calderwood development project which involves several of the UK’s leading house builders. The contractor had opted to use Polypipe Ridgisewer pipe instead of a more traditional concrete system. This allowed them to increase the speed of installation and reduce health and safety issues when laying the main sewer connections.

Millennium Construction had to consider an option that would allow them to make more than 48 lateral connections using a DN150 ribbed pipe into the main DN400 twinwall system.

The solution was the Flexseal PA1540 twinwall saddle. The saddle was installed by coring out a 177 Dia hole and inserting the PA into the hole. It was then secured to the main twinwall pipe by tightening the 4 bolts with a ‘T’ handle hexagon tool (supplied with the saddle). Once the saddle was secured to the main pipe the DN150 ribbed lateral pipe was simply inserted into the PA saddle’s inlet.

With a full WRc certification this method of connecting lateral pipes comes with peace of mind that the connection will perform and is made to last.

“The Flexseal PA saddle system is simple to use and achieves an air test at all times. Flexseal provided all the tools required to make the connections including the 177 Dia core bit and ‘T’ handle hexagon tool to secure the saddle onto the main pipe. The saddle allows us to place a lateral pipe connection anywhere along the whole length of the pipe without having to disturb the pipe bedding, this is useful when plans are subject to change. Not only this, but we saved a significant cash amount on both materials and labour.”
– Site Agent

Added: April 2019 | CSR028