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Coral World, US Virgin Islands

Risk of pipe penetrations causing pool to leak

To provide a leak proof sealing system for drainage and filtration pipes entering a 30ft x 9ft diameter deep concrete pool for South American Sea Lions.

Flexseal’s Puddle Flanges were used to create air and water tight seals for these different systems.

The new Sea Lion pool is designed for the encounter programme where guests are able to get up close and personal with South American sea lions in a unique deep-water swim interaction.

The pool is a concrete cylindrical above ground structure, holding water that will require filtrating and draining. To allow for this, the filtration and drainage system requires PVC pipes to penetrate through the walls and floor of the pool. These pipes are installed before the concrete structure is poured and the seal between the concrete and pipe is at risk from the concrete naturally shrinking and leaving gaps for water to pass through.

To overcome the leakage issue, the contractors sourced Puddle Flange seals from Flexseal to be installed before the concrete was poured. The rubber seal stretches onto the outside of the pipe, to a position where it is central to the thickness of the concrete forms and is tightly sealed by using a torque wrench to tighten the two clamp bands provided.

The Flexseal Puddle Flanges act as a barrier to any water that may leak through gaps between the outside of the pipe and the concrete and thus guaranteeing a leak-proof seal.

Added: July 2018 | CSR012