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Overcome extremely tight deadline to supply reliable cast-in concrete seal.

Provide a cast-in concrete pipe seal solution that is easy to install and reliable. Meet the one day deadline before the concrete arrives.

Flexseal’s Puddle Flanges from stock on a same day delivery.

The contractor was sealing drainage pipes that would pass through a concrete slab.

After many tedious hours of trying to fit an alternative product that was difficult to install, cumbersome and left the contractor dubious about its effectiveness – the decision was made to source an alternative solution.

Rochford Construction inquired about Flexseal’s moulded Puddle Flange range and made contact but deadlines were tight. The concrete pour was booked and just a day away. Thanks the Flexseal large stock holding, the specific sizes were in stock and sent to site on a next day delivery.

However, meeting the delivery at the site the local Flexseal Area Sales Manager identified an issue. There had been an miscommunication in the specification of the pipes to be sealed therefore the products were too small.

Jumping straight into action the Flexseal ASM made arrangements for the correct sizes to be sent on a same day delivery to arrive before the concrete.

The products arrived 30 minutes before the concrete and due to the simple installation process of the product, the team were able to install all of the products easily and in time.

The combination of Flexseal’s service provisions – site support, large stock holding and fast, reliable delivery offerings – enabled tight deadlines to be met and site issues to be overcome.

Added: August 2018 | CSR017