Water Cooling Tank, Hull

Structure of concrete surrounding steel inlet pipes potentially affected by vibrations running through pipe and creating leak areas.

Provide a permanent solution whereby the poured concrete does not make direct contact with the steel pipes and helps to prevent leaks on the outside of the pipe.

Flexseal Puddle Flanges to prevent leakage and Bushes to provide shock absorption from the vibrations running through the pipes.

A client had commissioned the build of a Water Cooling Tank at their Hull base.

The build required five steel pipes to run through a concrete structure. However, the pipes would be subject to constant vibrations and the contractor was concerned the vibrations would cause damage to the concrete and potentially create gaps between the concrete and the pipe which water could ultimately leak through.

Flexseal had numerous issues to tackle. Firstly, to prevent leakage areas on the outside of the pipe, Flexseal supplied Puddle Flanges which fit around the pipes and create a barrier to any liquids that are able to pass through gaps in the concrete.

Secondly, to absorb some of the vibrations from the pipe and to minimise the impact on the concrete, Flexseal advised the use of rubber bushes where the concrete would normally make contact with the pipe.

The contractor had investigated other methods and found Flexseal’s solution to be the most reliable and the most cost effective. This coupled with the fact that installation was easy and didn’t slow down the project ensured the customer now has a best practice solution for these scenarios.

Added: March 2019 | CSR027