Westminster Ind., Estate, Regeneration project

Existing drainage was a ‘mash-up’ of different pipe materials and the contractor needed a universal connection that was quick to fit.

Provide the contractor with a universal connection solution for 6” pipe. The contractor was coming across a multitude of materials.

Flexseal’s internal pushfit coupling that can fit any material 6” pipe.

The £200m project was the regeneration of an historic 6 acre warehousing space into 450 new units and 5000 homes with creative workspaces.

To complete the drainage of the new buildings, connections needed making into existing drainage.

However, the existing drainage had been redesigned many times in the past and thus the configuration of pipe materials differed greatly from section to section.

Therefore, the contractors didn’t know what materials they were going to excavate and therefore didn’t know what couplings they would need to make a connection until they exposed the pipe.

A universal coupling solution was required to supersede the 3-4 traditional connections required for this site.

As all of the pipes being connected were 6”, Flexseal suggested using an Icon Pushfit, a coupling which uses the internal surface of pipes to make a connection opposed to the external surface. As the internal diameter of pipes of the same DN but different materials doesn’t differ too greatly the Icon Pushfit can be used on any material.

The contractors were delighted that a universal solution was available as this improved on-site efficiencies.

Added: July 2018 | CSR015