With our selection of Flexseal Internal Couplings, pipes such as plastic, cast iron and steel pipes with the same inner diameter can be joined quickly and easily, regardless of the outer diameter. They are used when, for various reasons, no normal couplings can be used. This is the case, for example, when a pipe is cut flush, a concrete pipe with a foot or a pipe with a damaged or uneven surface.

Product Benefits:

  • Significantly reduces labour time for connecting problem pipes
  • Watertight connection on any pipe material
  • Connects pipes of differing or irregular outside diameters
  • No need to expose external surface of pipe
  • Pipe stop indicates that the product is properly installed, when it is flush to the pipe end
  • Passes pressure tests
  • Provides shear load protection
  • The whole range conforms to the requirements of BS EN 295-4:2013