Performance data

Due to the high material quality used, our couplings are suitable for laying pipes both on and in the ground! Their expected service life is 100 years! Additional protective measures may be required for sealing collars made of stainless steel grade V2A (1.4301) if they are laid in filled soil, such as in industrial landfills, rubble dumps of mines and in cases where the soil or groundwater contain high levels of chloride. For these applications, sealing collars with steel components of grade V4A (1.4404) should be used.

In cases of doubt, please contact our sales department.

Declaration of performance according to the Construction Products Regulation

Some of our products for which there is a harmonised European standard (hEN) are CE marked according to the Construction Products Regulation. A declaration of performance is available for each of these products.

Pressure test

When properly installed, our couplings withstand the following pressures:

BezeichnungGrößeDruckdicht bis
TC (Typ 2A)Alle0,6 bar
SC (Typ 2B)Alle2,5 bar
2B1 ALL-IN-ONEAlle2,5 bar
LC (Typ 2B)bis LC 9801,5 bar
LC (Typ 2B)bis LC 13801,0 bar
LC (Typ 2B)bis LC 17800,6 bar
SCW (Typ 2B)Alle2,5 bar
LCW (Typ 2B)bis LCW 9801,5 bar
LCW (Typ 2B)bis LCW 13801,0 bar
LCW (Typ 2B)bis LCW 17800,6 bar
MAG (Typ 2B)bis MAG 3854,0 bar
MAG (Typ 2B)bis MAG 6202,5 bar
MAG (Typ 2B)bis MAG 9801,5 bar
MAG (Typ 2B)bis MAG 13801,0 bar
MAG (Typ 2B)bis MAG 17800,6 bar
WRC (Typ 2B)Alleo.G.
MWRC (Typ 2B)Alleo.G.
IC (ICON)Alle0,5 bar
ICPAlle2,5 bar
IA Alle 1,0 bar
DC/PC/TDC (Typ 1)Alle0,6 bar
AC/PAC/TACAlle0,6 bar


All Flexseal GmbH products are subject to constant self-monitoring by our quality management. In this process, intensive tests are carried out at the decisive points in the production cycle on the basis of the valid guidelines and our production standards. Our quality management is documented and certified according to ISO 9001:2015.

As Flexseal is a global supplier, we are of course in possession of the test certificates required for the most important countries.